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About Me
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    My photo blog
    *Music is my life
    *Photography is my passion
    *I'm half fan-girl, half spaz
    *I'm a band/guard geek at heart
    *My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus keep me alive
    *To all you Killjoys out there, the name’s Intense Lithium
    ~Things that I obsess over:
    *Alternative Rock
    *Brendon Urie’s voice
    *Turkey Hill ice tee
    *Staying up late
    *White Collar
    *Burn Notice
    *The Vampire Diaries
    *Tristan & Isolde
    *Harry Potter
    *My Chemical Romance
    *Panic! at the Disco
    *The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    *Fall Out Boy
    { wear }

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